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Hey truth seeker

My name is Maia Rose, I am dedicated to helping you find the spiritual guidance you need.

Living in the heart of Bali's mystical jungle haven, I am committed to tapping into the sacredness of every reading, and the cosmic energies that shape our lives. My work as an intuitive tarot reader has been a transformative journey, which I love to share with others to inspire and connect. Read my story below.

Portrait of Maia Rose - Bali Tarot Reader, Astrologist and Psychic

How did I end up here?

Most people want to know, how did I end up in Bali as a Tarot Reader?! It was never my plan, more a winding, unfolding journey. I grew up in England, to a divided family of artists. My life was suitcases, living between 7 cities by the age of 12, navigating different bedrooms, emotions and dynamics. As a kid I was a natural joker and performer, but I was bullied constantly! And my family life felt relentless. The only consistency for me was spirit. Wherever I was, I knew I could speak with the stars each night.

Spiritual roots

My dad took us on meditation retreats every school break. He moved between buddhist ‘centres’ around the country. Growing up in shared living was difficult. I never lived in a home with just my family.

I reflect on all those years now as developing my intuition. I was sensitive to every movement, who was coming in the front door, their energy and mood, as I listened to each floor board creek. The days I had monks and nuns at the breakfast table were a blessing. I learnt meditation, to distinguish the egoic mind, an awareness of energy and control of breath, visualisation and philosophy. I received various ‘initiations’ from respected monks and lineages which have now passed. 


Corporate life...

I studied HARD and received a scholarship for a Computer Science Degree Programme, working full time in London whilst achieving my degree. I was desperate for independence and financial security. To not suffer the instability my artistic parents had, I rebelled against anything creative. I managed counter terrorism software projects for 6 years, becoming a Senior Manager in Finance at 27. The path I forged was corporate, glamorous, abundant, but in a superficial sense. I completely lost touch with spirituality, and having attained everything I thought I ever wanted, I realised I wasn’t happy. What a beautiful contradiction.


I’ve had many periods of depression, anxiety and loneliness in my life, but this was the worst. It made no sense - I had everything. My world view shattered as I experienced a “dark night of the soul”. I tore down all the walls I’d built, in a chaotic, destructive mess. I remembered who I am, and my soul was calling me to start over. 


I qualified in Reiki and Breathwork. Both of which served to heighten my intuition. I started seeing things, receiving messages, names, waking up with visions. Creativity poured through me,

I discovered poetry, drawing and painting! On a quest to understand my gifts - I moved to Bali, and spent months studying with various psychics and healers. 


The deepest learning, to follow the pull of my intuition, has always led me to Tarot. Tarot serves as a poetic medium to translate the messages from spirit into the physical. I explain my use of Tarot here. In divine symmetry, Tarot echos back my artistic roots.

I believe our souls come here with a mission and my arch of life, has led me to embrace that which I wanted to reject, in the clarity that the struggle was my purpose. My purpose now brings me connection to beautiful souls from around the world, exploring life's messages and journeys in the beautiful utopia that is Bali.

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Finding Love

After a lifetime of heartbreaks and failed relationships, I met the love of my life here in Bali. Once I found alignment with myself and my path, the love I deserved finally came through! I have learnt so much about love through my own experiences, and ENDLESS amounts from the guidance I channel for others (from all walks of life and cultures) in love readings. Together we built our beautiful home in Bali which has become the base for Bali Tarot.


Refining my Mediumship skills came later in my career. Passed loved ones kept coming through in Tarot Readings, without my clients even asking. So in 2024 I trained with Sean Collyns and Dianne Thomas to develop my Mediumship Readings without the tarot cards...


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Regular spiritual guidance

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