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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure which session to go for

The Life and Love Reading are designed as a guide rather than a strict rule. The time is yours to ask any questions you have, and get guidance on any area of your life. There is no limit on questions - just the time frame. If you have a lot of questions - pick the Ultimate Reading as it gives us some extra time to go more in depth.

How do I word questions?

I highly recommend you come prepared with some questions! The more direct you are with your questions, the more direct and useful the guidance coming through will be. I understand that you will want to see what I pick up on, you can say questions in a way that you don't tell me anything (e.g. "what can I expect in my career for the next 6 months", "I have 2 options for moving, which is a better choice?", "I have a love interest, how do they feel towards me?". Those who come for a reading with no question or even topic they would like guidance on, have a less meaningful experience. Take hold of the opportunity and make it as valuable for you as possible!! Don't worry about questions being perfectly worded, we can discuss this in your session. Even just stating, I want career advice, or guidance on finding love, is much better than asking nothing :)

Can I bring a plus 1?

The sessions are 1 on 1, I need it to be this way for it to be accurate. If you really need to bring someone along, they can sit out on the balcony while you have your session (please let me know beforehand!) Or there is a cute cafe (Cocoku) just a minute up the road. Please understand this is for the benefit of your reading :) 

I need a plus 1 as a translator

I prefer if you can manage alone and use a translating app (Google translate lets you voice record). If you really need a plus 1 to translate, they can sit in with you. Again please just let me know, and it is better they are someone close to you incase anything personal comes through in the reading.

Can I just turn up?

Sessions are by appointment only! The full address and details of how to find me will be sent to you via email once your booking is confirmed.

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