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"I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Ashlee

 Every medium perceives and communicates with spirit in different ways. We are like radio dials tuning into another network or realm with a unique capacity of each sense (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience). For me, Tarot serves as a tool or portal that allows me to connect to the spiritual realm. When I begin using the cards, it's like a switch signalling to spirit that I am ready to connect. My senses heighten and I feel myself being taken over by another force. I am guided to cards, certain symbols or colours jump out at me and I feel deep knowing or have emotions that do not come from me, Maia, they come from spirit guides. In the hundreds of readings I've delivered, I have lived people's life experiences through the cardsI can't promise that you will hear what you want to hear. I say what comes through to me and it can be confronting or emotional. But your guides will always deliver you the answers that are best for you at this moment in time!

I pride myself in creating a safe space for you where all emotions are welcome. Please come with an open heart, free from expectations and we can explore what arises. 

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