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Tarot & Psychic

Answers from the heart of the jungle

Bali Tarot Location Ubud Jungle Apartment Close Up
Portrait of Maia Rose - Bali Tarot Reader and Astrologist

Maia Rose

Bali Tarot Reader & Medium

I am Maia Rose, with a unique connection to the spirit realm, I use Tarot as a tool to deliver these messages. My Tarot readings offer clarity and guidance, for those on a quest for transformation, empowerment, and love.

In my Love Reading and Ultimate Tarot Reading, the time is dedicated to your questions for the universe. Expect predictions and advice that transcend the ordinary, offering a spiritual view of your life's journey.

No matter where you are on your path, in need of guidance, insights, or inspiration, I am here to assist you in illuminating your journey. Lets align with your highest purpose and awaken your spirit.

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"Her insights and guidance are truly transformative. I feel very grateful our paths crossed."

Lexi - UK

Bali Tarot Studio

A haven where you can slow down as we explore your destiny

Tarot Reading offerings:

Tarot Reading

Classic Tarot Reading
1 hr

  • Experience the timeless wisdom of a classic Tarot spread. 

  • Reveal your past, present and future.

  • Oracle card pulls.

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Love Tarot Reading
1 hr 15

  • In this reading I connect to spirit and the time is yours for questions and predictions.

  • Most want to focus on love life, but you are welcome to ask anything!

  • Come prepared with questions or I can lead the session.

  • Receive guidance and messages from spirit.

  • This reading is a unique experience of channeling spirit, tailored to your needs, which goes beyond traditional tarot spreads.

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Ultimate Tarot Reading
1 hr 30

  • The Classic Tarot Reading & the Love Reading!

  • Experience the best of both at a discounted rate.

  • Both a traditional Tarot spread and a channeled reading tailored to you (45 mins each). 

  • Messages of guidance from spirit.

Capture the Magic!

session photos available at no extra cost

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Spiritual Connection

Here's how I channel

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Online Tarot Reading Sessions

Need Guidance from Home?

Book an online session

Other Services:

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Soul Coaching Calls
1 hr

Let me guide you to your highest purpose!​


Birth Chart Reading
1 hr

Unlock your astrological blueprint!

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Event Bookings

Elevate your event and wow your guests!

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